Company Profile Kitayama

Greeting from President

? ? ? ? ? Since our very beginning as ?a heat treatment company, We have overcome numerous difficulties, the chaotic times of the Pre and the Post War and the Oil Crisis.

? ? ? ? ? From these challenges, we have reached to the current operation style, "the Few and Proud" which become our corporate principle.

? ? ? ? ? The environment which surrounds the latest machine metal industry has been Increasing its severity due to the strong demand for a small quantity various kinds, higher quality and technical innovation.

? ? ? ? ? In order to respond to this, our heat treatment certified engineering technicians have been performing thorough process and quality control.

? ? ? ? ? Also, we will continue our efforts to research advanced heat treatment technologies, keep the thoroughness of quality control and maintain the modernization of equipment. With your support, we will be successful in our never-ending quest to be a trusted corporate member of society.

Corporate History

Apr 1934? The former president of the company, Sigetoshi Oishi established Asahi Koukajyo in Minato-Ku ?Osaka

Dec 1948 ?Moved to Naniwa-Ku Osaka and established as Yamato ?Netsuren Kogyosho

Mar 1958? Moved to Taisho-Ku ?Osaka and established as to Kitayama Netsuren Kogyosho

May 1963? Incorporated the company and established Kitayama Netsuren Kogyosho Co.,LTD.

And then Shigetoshi ?became the first president

June 1968 ?Established new plant in Kishiwada ?City ?Osaka

? ? ? ? Sep 1969?Consolidated all productions into the new plant in Kishiwada City?

? ? ? ? Jun 1985?Became a certified heat treatment plant by?TCM

Sep 1989 ?Takenori Oishi became president

Dec 2003 ?Became a certified heat treatment plant by KomatsuCo.,LTD.


President : ?Takenori Oishi

Tel : +81-72-422-3950 (Main) +81-72-423-5281 (Direct)

Fax : +81-72-431-1896

Regular Business : Day : Monday ? Saturday

Address : 20-4 Rinkai-cho, Kishiwada City, Osaka, Japan 596-0013

Capital : 10 million yen

Employees : 20 (12 Certified Engineering Technicians)


Bank of Account : Shokochukin, Kiyo Bank, UFJ Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Ikeda Senshu Bank

Main Customer : Omi Tanko Co.,LTD. Komoshita Yodan Co.,LTD. Sanei Tankosho Co.,LTD. Showa Seiko Co.,LTD. JFE Tsugite Co.,LTD. Daimaru Kozai Co.,LTD. Toyoshima
Co.,LTD. Hanshin Metalics Co.,LTD. Foso Tube Parts, Kanematsu Tekkosho Co.,LTD.

Last Year sales : 450 million yen

Our business plan in the Kingdom of Thiland

Based on the belief extends to many years of know-how of our heat-treated material that should be world-class,

We plan to expand business in the Kingdom of Thailand as the first step.

Business line is as shot blasting and heat treatment of the material mainly.

It is our assumption that future production of heavy machinery increases in the Kingdom of Thailand as production of automobile accelerates.

And then there will be more demand for heat treatment process associated with those productions.

We believe that can provide high-quality heat treatment by bringing in a quality management system cultivated as a certified factory there. Our current plan considers Chonburi prefecture as first candidate site.

Our targeted customer there will be each construction equipment manufacturer, including local, such as Caterpillar and (Bangkok Komatsu) BKC and companies that associated with them as well as forging industry and materials trading companies.




    • Line of Business
    • Test Equipment
    • Customer Part Example
    • Transportation                                                                                                                                                        

Main Machine

  • Quenching Batch Type Furnace
  • Tempering Batch Type Furnace
  • Water Quenching Tank
  • Soluble Quenching Tank
  • Short Blast and Painting